History of Immigration to the US

The History of Immigration in the United States

Immigration is one of the most debatable topics in the US especially in congress and the senate.  Every sitting president deals with the issue of illegal immigrants and immigration. And you can bet you will hear the debates in an approaching election year.  If you really stop and think about it, all Americans are immigrants except for our proud American Indians who stretch from to coast to coast, they are the only peoples who are Native to this great county.  The laws and legal processes of immigrating to the United States has evolved tremendously over the last 230+ years .

From the days of the founding fathers to Abraham Lincoln to our current President, this has been one of the hottest topics especially when it comes to illegal immigrants who wish to live the American dream and make the decision to cross our land borders illegally with a hope that lady luck is with them as they make their journey.  Our waterways is another method used to enter the country illegally, being shipped as human cargo with great risk, to try to grasp that golden ring of opportunity and a better life. Currently, our borders and waterways are more highly patrolled and the risk is higher at being caught and retained and eventually deported and then ultimately blacklisted from the United States.

In much earlier days, all someone needed was a passport and a stamped visa for you to move to the US and stay there. Today, it’s not that easy it’s very bureaucratic and daunting with the amount of paperwork which needs to be completed including getting a work permit that will allow you to get a job in the US.  In fact, it’s illegal to hire anyone who is not an American citizen if they do not have a work permit.

Before relocating to the United States, one needs first to get the necessary documentation from their home country and the embassy of the United States in their home county. The embassy will undertake some thorough vetting of the individual requesting to immigrate. Once the conditions are satisfied, then the person gets a go ahead by receiving a visa. The immigrant also undergoes medical testing and checkups to avoid transporting potentially deadly diseases into the US.

The US government is responsible for all the laws that govern immigration to the United States. The senate and the congress pass the laws governing this process which has over the years undergone a lot of amendments to what it states today. The President signs new law into legislation first before it can become law of the land. The Department of Immigration together with Homeland Security ensure that the legislation is strictly followed and policed.

In summary, we can conclude that immigration and the laws that govern this process have come a long way, and we can expect that the heated debates will not cease any time soon.

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Computer and Laptop Repair

Protection, Repair Services and Computer Viruses

Firewall Protection
Computer virus, is an infection to the computer that you don’t ever wish to exposed to. If there is any one software that must be respected and placed on your computer and updated frequently, its Firewall Protection against viruses. There are a variety to choose from that can make a decision difficult but just ask an experienced technician which they would recommend based on their working knowledge. There is nothing as painful as your privacy being hacked. Through hacking, you can lose your dignity, your investment-in e-banking and e-commerce, your important data, pictures, and any other information you have on your drive. This is the reason why you really have to be protected by an antivirus software program, firewalls or Virtual Private Networks. A firewall provides a barrier that shields your computer system from harmful forces that are trying to get access to it. Its name is derived from a real firewall whose duty is to protect a given area from being destroyed by fire when the fire is consuming the opposite side. A firewall is therefore either hardware or software that filters any information coming to your computer when you’re online. When the firewall suspects a packet of information to be a red flag, it won’t allow it in. This is your first line of defense, firewall protection, this will thwart any unwelcome malicious activity and to keep you protected, therefore invest in this cost and update regularly. Keep the bad guys out.

Repair Services
Computers are very complicated and have a lot of components that make it operate and transmit the information we request in great speeds. It’s not just viruses that can cause problems but also there can be hardware and software problems that cause the computer to not operate optimally. Whatever the situation may be that is causing the issues, it will need to be repaired. Before deciding on a local independent repair person, there are some things that you need to know first. The first question you need to ask them is the cost of repairing your computer. On average, it should cost you between $60 and $80 per hour. Below this range may mean that the person in question is not a professional while above this means they may be extorting you.

You also need to know if the technician guarantees their service. If not, you should move on to the next technician. Most of the technicians will guarantee you between 30 to 90 days. It’s important for you to consider such technicians. Also, ensure that the technician guarantees that they will save your files. If your hard disk is interfered with, you may end up losing all the important data that you may never ever retrieve again. Let them guarantee that you will lose nothing.

Also, ask to know the exact time when you will be able to pick up your computer. The average duration is always between 24 to 48 hours. Let the repairing technician assure you that you will not add any extra fee on top of what you have agreed upon. If there are any extra charges, they should notify you early.

There is no shortage of Orange County computer repair and laptop wizards and certainly not in Mission Viejo. Of great importance is to find that experienced technician who is knowledgeable, who’s a troubleshooter and a provider of solutions. Look for the positive reviews, the testimonials from prior clients and their passion for this work in solving these intricate problems.

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